CEA FITNESS specializes in Personal Training, Boxing, Kettlebell, Kickboxing, Fitness Classes, & HIIT Instruction at our Bayside & Port Washington, NY Gyms.

(718) 224-3111 200-03 32nd Avenue Bayside, NY 11361
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What We Offer


Competitive Edge Athletics Fitness is a friendly and welcoming fitness environment.

CEA Bayside offers everything you need to take you through your fitness journey! Our trainers are all professional or amateur boxers/Muay Thai fighters. They know how to push you to your limit throughout the workout. Our gym has 3 areas designed for different types of training; a main training area for strength and conditioning, a boxing area for our cardio boxing classes, and our backyard summer “jailhouse workout” area for hardcore gritty workouts.

What We Do


Our workouts are specifically designed to make you sweat! The HIIT Traning classes are a great blend of strength and conditioning. From kettlebells to resistance bands and cardio machines, you won't stop moving for the entire hour. Our cardio boxing classes offer a great way to get your cardio in without spending mindless hours on the treadmill. Fight hard and lose weight!

Anyone Can Join


We pride ourselves in our high-intensity classes, but we never push anyone too far. We know different people have different fitness levels, and our trainers are great at finding yours. You can be confident that you will be pushed right to the edge of your limit without it going too far. Soon, instead of looking at how well others are doing, newer clients will be looking up to you!
The goal is simply to get in the best shape of your life and we are honored you have chosen Competitive Edge Athletics Fitness.